Archive Releases

From time to time the A. W. Pink Archives will look to publish physical volumes, whether publications of unreleased works by Pink or to provide materials which are deemed as helpful contributions.

The following are the titles we have released:

Arthur W. Pink, The Sovereignty of God
(Tulip Publishing, 2022)

With Afterwords by Paul Helm and Brett Lee-Price

Just a little over a century after its original publication, Arthur W. Pink’s The Sovereignty of God continues to be one of the most helpful works on the matters of God’s sovereignty and providence. Wherein, in clear and accessible language, Pink guides the Christian through how God is sovereign over all the events that take place, and how he is working out all things for His glory and for those who love him. This edition, being entirely unabridged, is further supplemented by two additional essays written by Paul Helm and Brett Lee-Price which talk about the book’s historical significance and theology.

“I highly commend this book. A. W. Pink’s The Sovereignty of God was the first book I read as a Christian. It assembles the Bible’s teaching about God’s control over all events. To define God’s sovereignty is to go a long way in defining God Himself. Such clear teaching is rare today. The additional chapters by Helm and Lee-Price enhance the value of this edition.”

Mark Dever | Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.