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About Arthur W. Pink

Called “one of the most influential evangelical authors in the second half of the twentieth century” by Iain Murray. Arthur Walkington Pink was born in Nottingham, United Kingdom, in 1886, to Thomas and Agnes Pink. Despite growing up in a faithful Christian household, Pink rebelled at his parents faith and embraced Theosophy. He ambitiously climbed the cult’s ranks, being noted as an promising leader of the movement in England, before being challenged by the words of Proverbs 14:12 as he prepared a talk for the Theosophy society in his family home. For three days, Pink did not leave his room to join his family, but on the late afternoon of the third day, he emerged converted. He then proceeded to give his final talk at the society, whereupon he proclaimed Christ from Romans 1:16.

Arthur Pink, December 1919.

Two years later, in 1910, Pink had the desire to enter into the Christian ministry, and decided on going to Chicago to attend Moody Bible College after concluding that many of the English alternatives to be ruined by liberal theology and higher criticism. However, after six weeks, Pink found the teaching unsatisfactory in how it was pitched, and desired to enter into a pastorate, and having been recognised as both ‘quiet and very bright‘, the Principal of Moody, Dr Howard Pope, assisted Pink in obtaining his first charge in a Congregational church in Silverton, Colorado. Pink was to hold the pastorate for two years, but due to shifting theological convictions towards credobaptism, Pink left for Los Angeles in 1912 taking up the pastorate of the First Baptist Church of Garden Grove. Pink was to relinquish the charge in late 1913, going back to the United Kingdom. Returning to the United States in 1915, Pink settled in Kentucky, meeting and marrying Vera Pink (née Russell) in 1916, and holding Baptist Pastorates at Albany, Burkesville, and Scottsville.

Arthur and Vera Pink at Circular Quay, Sydney, 1928.

In 1917, the Pinks relocated to Northside Baptist Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina where he served until 1920. Thereafter, he took up an itinerant preaching role in California. Having in 1922, started his monthly periodical, Studies in the Scriptures, that would last until his death, Pink was invited to conduct Bible campaigns in Australia, where he would live between 1925 to 1928, serving at two pastorates in Sydney. A.W. and Vera would leave Australia to travel back to the United Kingdom where, but for a brief stint back in the United States, they would eventually settle in Stornoway in the Isle of Lewis until their deaths. Arthur in 1953, and Vera in 1962.

A convinced Calvinist, Pink was a strong proponent of Biblical truths concerning God’s Sovereignty, Total Depravity, Man’s Duty and Justification by Faith, at a time when such teachings were anemic. However, despite having written over 2,000 articles and a number of books, Pink was to die in relative obscurity. However, his influence was to be long-lasting and formative, not only in the United Kingdom, among men such as Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Douglas Johnson, but, arguably, also upon the the revival of the Reformed Baptist movement in the United States through the ministry of I.C. Herendeen.

About The Archive

Established in 2019, the Arthur W. Pink Archive was to established to promote Christ through remembering the life and legacy of Arthur W. Pink. The archive is home to original letters, sermons, photos, and manuscripts, as well as many of Pink’s original Studies in the Scriptures and over 80 volumes of Pink’s works (many drawn from the Studies). The archive is comprised of both physical and digital documents.

About The Curators

Sam Emadi

Sam Emadi serves as the senior editor for 9Marks. He graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with an M.Div in 2012 and with a PhD in Biblical Studies in 2016. He wrote his dissertation on Genesis 37–50 in biblical theology. He and his wife Corrie Ann live in Louisville, KY along with their four children, Cyrus, Carson, Leighton, and Lincoln. He is also a member at Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, KY.

Sam has published numerous articles with 9Marks and The Gospel Coalition as well as in academic journals. He is also the author of the study notes for 1–2 Samuel in the Forthcoming Grace and Truth Study Bible as well as the author of From Prisoner to Prince: The Story of Joseph in Biblical Theology in the New Studies in Biblical Theology Series.

Sam began studying the writings of A. W. Pink during high school and has published several articles on Pink since 2012.

Brett Lee-Price

Brett Lee-Price is a Reformed Baptist currently residing in Sydney, Australia, with his gracious and long-suffering wife, Lucy.

Having several degrees in Theology (Morling, CBTS (currently)) and History (UNSW, MQ), he is currently focusing on the life and theology of Arthur Walkington Pink. However, in addition, he has a very keen interest in Church History, specifically in the areas of the Reformation, the work of Andreas Karlstadt, and the development of Baptist thought. He sometimes has his thoughts and articles published, including for both Evangelical Action and Reformation Today. He is also the General Manager of Tulip Publishing — an Australian Reformed publishing house. Brett and Lucy are members of St Johns Park Baptist Church in Sydney, NSW.