Why Read Pink?

“Don’t waste your time reading Barth and Brunner. You will get nothing from them to aid you with preaching. Read Pink.” – Martyn Lloyd-Jones, as cited in Iain Murray, David Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The Fight of Faith 1939-1981 (Banner of Truth, 1990), p. 137.

“Arthur Pink was a master of biblical exposition, carefully mining the biblical text for every ounce of true meaning, every nuance of doctrine, and every point of personal application he could discover. He always wrote with heartfelt conviction and persuasive insight. He was warm and positive, yet bold and unequivocal. He was at his best whenever he wrote about Christ, and he was never more focused, more thorough, or more compelling than when he proclaimed Christ crucified.

Pink certainly had no wish to tone down the offense of the cross just to accommodate the tastes of the contemporary culture. It is the kind of straightforward teaching that is desperately needed in an era when difficult biblical truths are sometimes purposely softened, made foggy, or revised to suit the preferences of sophisticated postmodernity. Arthur Pink would have none of that–nor should we.” – John MacArthur, Foreword to A.W. Pink’s The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross (Baker, 2005), pp. 9-10.

“The first Christian book I was ever given to read was […] the Baker copy of Sovereignty of God. I read it when I was 13 and I loved it.” – Mark Dever, Interview (7 March, 2019).

“Arthur Pink became one of the leading teachers of a new generation. He served to inspire a vision which was wider, grander and more fundamental than what so many found in their own church situations.” – Iain Murray, The Life of A.W. Pink (Banner of Truth, 2017), p. 312.

“The man’s ministry had such an amazing impact on people.” – Sinclair Ferguson, Interview (6 March, 2019)

“Pink has a way of keeping the text in context, relating it to parallel texts, explaining it, and then applying it to everyday life.” – Warren Wiersbe, Foreword to A.W. Pink’s The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross (Baker, 2005), pp. 8.

“If I am doing something from 1 Samuel, or Genesis, or anything that Pink has dealt with, I’ll always try to look what Pink has said, as he always has such brilliant insight.” – Phil Johnson, Interview (11 March, 2019)