Three Unpublished Letters of A.W. Pink (1886-1952)

The following letters are interesting on several accounts. First, the 1941 letter to the Colemans is a demonstration of how Pink’s own work on the Studies affected him spiritually. Pink may have been eccentric but, as this letter shows, he was far from stoic. The letter also provides a rare instance where Pink mentions both his father and his sister (and their apparent struggles with insomnia).

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January 1928 Studies in the Scriptures Editorial

Let this be our watchword for the New Year: “we seek one to come” Seek it by faith, with singleness of purpose; seek it in hope, by blessed anticipation, a hope that shall not make ashamed: seek it in love with our hearts set upon it; seek it as strangers and pilgrims on earth, “for they that say (by their actions) such things declare plainly that they seek a Country” (Heb. 11:14).

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Letter to Colemans (07/1946)

Greetings in the blessed Name of Him who says, “I would have you wise unto that which is good and simple (uninformed and unacquainted – the opposite of “wise”) concerning evil.” (Rom. 16:19). I wonder if you have ever pondered the second clause or sought to ascertain what it signifies and implies?

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